Go After It – 2 Key Factors when Working on Your Goals

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Go After It – 2 Key Factors when Working on Your Goals. Was out and about today and thought I’d use the time driving to share some thoughts with you about working on your goals and reaching them. I love sharing stuff like this. In my opinion, the main reasons for not reaching your goals…

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5 Ways to Start Making Passive Income Online


Passive income is getting more attention these days and I can totally see why. The idea of putting in a massive amount of work into a project and then leave it to collect dollars while you sleep sounds pretty good to me. I’ve been experimenting with it during 2015 and I want to share with…

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How to Get Your First 1000 Instagram Followers


Instagram is great for sharing photos of your lunch and dinner or maybe the occasional selfie every now and then. But Instagram is also a great source for generating traffic to your site. In this post, you’ll learn how to get your first 1000 Instagram followers. It’s not rocket science, but it does require that…

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I Don’t Watch the News, It Freaks Me Out


I don’t watch the news, it freaks me out. A lot of people are freaking out right now. I don’t blame them. We see so much fear being sold by the media and so much hate. They’re bad, look what they did and look how much better we are than them. Fear and hate, everywhere…

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This Might Offend You


This might offend you but I always share my thoughts without filters, I don’t like polished and nice, I like honest and raw, otherwise what would be the point. Whenever someone says I want to learn this or I want to do that and then in the same sentence says that they don’t have time,…

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How to Crush It With Facebook Video Posts


Video is in right now and if you are not using Facebook video posts on your page, you might want to take a minute and look into start doing that. What’s extremely hot when it comes to driving traffic to your landing page or Shopify store is to integrate your business with Facebook video ads. As…

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Don’t Follow a System That Wasn’t Designed for You


For most of my life I felt like I don’t fit in. I tried, but it’s like swimming towards the safety of the surface with all you have while something is pulling you back down trying to show you where the real treasure is. So I’m not fighting it, just embracing it. Just took me…

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8 Ways To Grow Your Business With Short Videos


Using video to market your products is essential in todays online marketplace. It’s predicted that over 75% of all Internet traffic will be video within the next couple of years. This gives us a huge opportunity to stay ahead of the curve especially if we are just starting out with online marketing or blogging. Here…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram for Business

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Instagram recently got integrated with Facebook ads which means you can now choose to show your Facebook ads on Instagram. All you have to do is checkmark that you want to show the ad on Instagram when setting it up in the Facebook Ads Manager and you’re all set. This makes it extremely easy to use Instagram…

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How to Stop Over Analyze Things


Sometimes I catch myself over-thinking and in some cases I tend to over analyze things. Decisions, choices, did I do the right thing? Then I remember that nobody is going to thank me for not going my own path. What matters is finding out what you WANT, then do whatever it takes to get there…

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