How to Crush It With Facebook Video Posts


Video is in right now and if you are not using Facebook video posts on your page, you might want to take a minute and look into start doing that. What’s extremely hot when it comes to driving traffic to your landing page or Shopify store is to integrate your business with Facebook video ads. As you probably know, Facebook is trying really hard to beat YouTube as the number one video platform out there. And they’re doing a really good job.

So what does this mean?

Well it means that a lot of people are using Facebook video posts to generate traffic. Let’s say you have a Facebook Page for your business. What you want to do is upload a video about your service or product, provide massive value to your audience for free in the video and have a call to action with a link to your site at the end of the video.


Then you want to boost your video post and have a very wide audience, should be an estimated reach of at least 2 million.


Facebook will then, in most cases, reward you for boosting a video (since they want to beat YouTube) and you’ll get video impressions for less than a dime.
That’s how a lot of people are driving traffic to their landing pages and Shopify stores right now.


See how it works for yourself and your business.


1, Create a Facebook video post on your Facebook page


2, Boost it as a post


3, Only enter 2-3 target audience interests that are big and related to your niche


4, Make sure you’re estimated reach is a minimum of 2 million people


5, Click “Boost post” and off you go.


Try it out and let me know how it goes.