I Don’t Watch the News, It Freaks Me Out


I don’t watch the news, it freaks me out. A lot of people are freaking out right now.

I don’t blame them. We see so much fear being sold by the media and so much hate.

They’re bad, look what they did and look how much better we are than them. Fear and hate, everywhere you look.

So one might think that if that’s what’s being sold so well by the media and being bought by the world then that’s what everybody should use – fear and hate. Seems logical to make that assumption.

But that’s not really at all what people want and respond to, and I’ve got proof! This got me thinking and I did what anybody in this day and age would do.

I consulted the all knowing Google.

I googled “hate” because I wanted to see what the worlds take on hate was since it’s all over the news and media.

The word hate had 589,000,000 search results. A bit discouraging.
Then I googled the word “fear” – 501,000,000 search results.

This would make you feel like hate and fear are big strong trends that we all should jump on and ride the wave. I don’t want to believe that and I don’t want this to be true so I looked again to the all knowing Google to disproof this theory.

So I did a google search for the word hope. Much to my delight – 1,770,000,000 MORE than the results for HATE and FEAR combined.

But for some reason we don’t really see that type of thing when we turn on the TV and watch the news and talk shows. We don’t realize how much people believe in hope and progress and moving forward. All we see and hear about is hate and fear. But clearly people would much rather have hope.

This got me inspired and got me wondering what the search result for “love” would be. And check it out – 5,140,000,000 search results, that’s five and some BILLION. Far more results than any other negative term we could think of.

“You can’t change the direction of the forces and the wind, but you can change the setting of your own sail” – Jim Rohn

Right now the wind is blowing a lot of hate and a lot of fear. But you can always choose to set your sail in the direction of hope and love.

– Frank Kern – The State of the Internet 2013

(Google search results have been updated for 2015 and guess what, we’re moving in the right direction with less hate sites and more love since -13)